Opening Discussion Questions: 9-11 flag.jpg
  1. Is there a day in your life that you will always remember?
  2. Can you think of any days in the history of the United States that people will always remember?
  3. What does "infamous" or "day of infamy mean?"Twin_Towers_in_fire_-_911.jpg

Interactive 9/11 Videos
9/11 Timeline Video
New York City Interactive Map
Todd Beamer's Story
Hero's at the Pentagon
How the Towers Collapsed

Comparing Infamous Days in American HistoryGW Bush 9-11 Speech.jpgFDR Pearl Harbor Speech.jpg
President F.D. Roosevelt - Pearl Harbor Speech
President George W. Bush - 9/11 Speech
  1. How are these speeches similar? Different?
  2. How did the Presidents calm the fears of the American people?
  3. How have these speeches transformed America?

Closing Discussion Questions:
  1. In one word how would you describe 9/11?
  2. How has 9/11 transformed our country?
  3. How has 9/11 changed your life?
  4. How have Pearl Harbor & 9/11 become infamous events?

Teacher Resources:
NYC Dept of Ed 9/11 Lesson Plans